Explore the Power of Crusta

Exploit the new generation Crusta Browser for all your browsing needs.

Built in Split Tabs

Crusta gives you the power to split tabs on the same window so you can multitask easily.


Side Panel for your personal feeds

With side panel, you can easily organise your social and news feed always on the side of browser without changing tabs.

Go with Browser Presentation!

With presentation mode in Crusta, you can easily present your presentations made using Prezi or ImpressJs.


JavaScript Editor!

You can now inject your own JavaScript code into webpage without diving into debugging mode.

Edit Browser Identification

With Edit UA option, you can edit your browser identification and even the platform which you are on.


View Pdf in Browser!

Crusta uses the power of pdfjs which lets you view all the pdf documents on the web.

Restore session and even tabs

Crusta can restore closed tabs and your previous browser session even after your pc reboots.


Scrollable Tabs!

Forget about clicking on tabs to switch them, just scroll over tab bar to switch tabs.

One Click Controls

Crusta gives you full controll to operate it with one-click controls, whether capturing screen-shots or set home page or edit search preference!


Docked Dev Tools

Crusta comes with docked dev tools to efficiently debug webpages without compromising the screen width.

Color Picker

Ever come across a color which you wish to know? Crusta allows you to pick any screen color and copy it to clipboard.


Text To Speech

Crusta come with text to speech which can read any text over the webpages or other files too!

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