Crusta Browser Help

Edit User Agent

To edit User Agent String, right click over the omnibar(addressbar) and click on Edit User Agent. This will open a dialog to edit the User Agent. Alternatvely you can also go to Options -> Tools -> Edit User Agent.

Split Mode

To enter split mode, go to Options -> File -> Split Mode. To Exit split mode, either close the Split tab on the right side or go to Options in the left tab then File -> Exit Split Mode

Edit Search Engine

To edit search engine, or search string, right click over the omnibox, then click on Search Preference. In the dialog you can choose from the available search strings or can enter the search string on your own.

Run JavaScript

To inject JavaScript into the webpage, go to Options -> Tools -> Run JavaScript Code. A editor will open and you can now write and run your program.

View PDF in browser

To view pdf in Crusta Browser, choose open in the download dialog which appears when you open a link with pdf or open a local file to view in the browser.

Set Home Page

To set a new home page in Crusta Browser, right click on the home icon and click on Set Home Page, now enter the url of page which you want as home page.

Speed Dial


To capture screen shot in Crusta press Ctrl+K or go to Options -> File -> Capture ScreenShot

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